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Rancho Nuestra Senora del Refugio_edited

 The Original Land Grant was awarded by the Catholic Church and the Spanish Crown in 1794 as an award of war for Jose Franciscos 40 years of service to the king of Spain. This land was formerly owned by the mission Santa Barbara. Upon Jose Franciscos Death in 1798 the rancho was passed to his Sons Jose Maria Ortega and his brother Jose Francisco Ortega. Upon the death of Jose Maria Ortega and Jose Francisco Maria, the rancho was given formal title by then Mexican Governor Jose Figueroa. Formal Patent was granted to Antonio Maria Ortega by the United States in 1866.  Since then the rancho has been passed down to lineal descendants as heirs to Jose Francisco Ortega and is still in patent to the Ortega Family to this day. 


US Patent 1866

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